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Our Risk Management Program is implemented throughout our hiring process: Application, Interview, Orientation, Hire, Assignment, and Placement Follow-Up. Our program emphasizes Candidate Screening, Testing and Evaluation, Reference Checking, Safety in the Workplace, Adherence to Strict Substance Policy and Release of Criminal Records in order to significantly increase Employee Attendance, Reliability, and Retention.


  • Complete the Pre-Application Form
  • Complete the Application Packet: Application, I-9, Federal/State Tax Forms
  • Drug Screen Consent, Release of Criminal Records and Reference Form
  • Review and Select Job Classifications


  • Review Application and Work History
  • Evaluate Skills
  • Make Contingent Job Offer
  • Complete Essential Functions of the Job Questionnaire


  • Attend American’s Staffing’s Orientation
  • Review American Staffing’s Employee Hand Book and General Safety Rules
  • View Safety/Accident and Injury Video
  • Administer Safety Quizzes
  • Re-Discuss American Staffing’s Substance Abuse Policy
  • Review & Sign American Staffing’s Policies & Procedures Check List


  • Review Time Card and Pay Check Procedures
  • Sign Temporary Employment Agreement
  • Distribute Personalized Client Hand Books

Placement Follow-Up

  • Available to American Staffing Employee’s 24-Hours Each Day
  • First Day Checks
  • Weekly Checks on Attendance & Performance
  • Written Performance Evaluations
  • Complete Facility Tours & Work Site Evaluation Forms on all Clients

Placement Follow-Up

  • Post American Staffing’s Injury Procedures
  • Require Automatic Drug Test Upon Accident or Injury
  • Implement Light Duty Program for Worker’s Compensation

American Staffing selects only the best qualified candidates for all assignments. No other staffing service provides such a comprehensive hiring program. Our clients consider our responsiveness to business cycles, priority shifts, varying schedules, production schedules, unanticipated needs and emergencies to be outstanding.

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